The Hoyt Farm Story

A few years ago, we were thinking about retirement and looking for something we could do together.  Dennis' background is in agriculture and mine is nursing although I worked on a produce farm several years.  

While visiting our son, we ran across a farm that had several Aronia bushes growing.  We stopped to ask what they were and learned about the health benefits of the berry.  After we learned where they had gotten their plants, we went home to do some research.

The following spring we planted 100 plants.  Although unsure how they would fare without the moisture of eastern Nebraska and Iowa, we have been pleasantly surprised.  At harvest, the berries are cleaned and frozen the same day to preserve as many nutrients as possible.  Last year was our first crop and nearly filled our chest freezer.

Our goal is to produce a berry that can enhance the health of those who eat it.  We are not certified organic but have not used insecticide or herbicides.  Fertilizer has been used, most of which was organic.  

Aronia berries can be used in smoothies and to enrich baked goods.  Dehydrated, they can be used in place of raisins.  Aronia berries make good jelly and syrup and is often sold as juice for the nutritional value.  Aronia berries' flavor is tart and many people find it unpalatable by itself but mixing with other ingredients neutralizes the tartness and adds to the flavor of what it is mixed with.  To use the frozen berries, just thaw the amount you need and use them like fresh.

We hope you enjoy our berries.

Dennis and Jan Hoyt

Hoyt Farm

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