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308 Coffee Roasting

308 Coffee Roasting

Who is 308 Coffee Roasting?

308 Coffee Roasting is a coffee micro-roaster.  We roast coffee in small batches, about 4 lbs at a time, so that your coffee is always roasted just the way you want it.

When it comes to coffee, fresh is best! Green coffee stays fresh for quite a while but, once roasted, coffee starts to stale quickly.  It's only considered fresh for about three weeks. Ground coffee stales even more rapidly.  

​Sadly, most of us drink a lot of stale coffee. Those tubs or bags of coffee on your grocer's shelf were probably stale before they even arrived at the store.

The mission of 308 Coffee Roasting is to elevate the craft and quality of coffee roasting in Southwest Nebraska, at a price people can afford to drink every day.  

We believe that our rural friends and neighbors deserve freshly roasted coffee just as much as urban dwellers.  We love living in rural Nebraska and providing you with the freshest, best-tasting coffee around!

The face behind 308 Coffee Roasting:

I'm Susy Bair, the owner and roaster for 308 Coffee Roasting. I am a mom and grandma, head cook, and laundry washer.  My husband, Bruce, and I have nine kids, six of them adults.  

​As you might guess from the number of kids we have, I have been a stay-at-home mom for quite a few years now!  I taught homeschool for 22 years, but when our last homeschooler headed off to public school, I began wondering what I should do with this new phase in my life.  

308 Coffee Roasting was born of my love of coffee and coffee roasting and my desire to try my hand at starting a business.

I want to help you discover coffees that you love.  Call or text me with questions.

Susy Bair

Culbertson, Nebraska​

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Beaver Valley Poultry

Beaver Valley Poultry

Beaver Valley Poultry is a mother-daughter family operation.  Our hens are housed on our family farms and are free to roam over the farm.  They are supplemented with non-GMO feed.  

Beaver Valley Poultry is licensed to sell in Nebraska & Kansas.

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Cross-K Beef

Cross-K Beef

The Cross-K Beef Way

We live and work on our small family farm in southwestern Nebraska.  Together we work to bring high quality, USDA inspected beef directly from our family's farm to your family's home.  

At Cross-K Beef, we strive to raise beef in a natural, ethical, and humane way because it is better for the cattle and for the consumer.  Our belief is that If you follow natural grazing principals and mimic the way the bison grazed the prairie, you can produce great tasting beef that is better for the land and better for the consumer.  

This also requires breeding cattle that perform well on grass instead of in a feedlot like most.  We focus on smaller cattle that can fatten well on grass and don't need the high-fat diet that is typical today.  Your beef is hung for 3 weeks for the most tender steaks and the best flavor.  

Our cattle graze native grass over the summer, cover crops spring and fall, and a little organic, non-GMO cornstalks over the winter.  We do planned grazing that ensures the cattle are on the best source of feed possible at all times.

Ross & Becky Kurkowski
Madrid, Nebraska

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Fairplains Grains

We offer heritage Turkey Red hard red winter wheat flour or berries. This variety came to America from Ukraine by German immigrants in the 1870s and was the most popular variety planted here until the 1950s. 

The story of Turkey Red is fascinating.  Less than a decade after the American Civil War ended, there was political turmoil in other parts of the world.  German Mennonites living in Russia since the 1700's had been promised military exemption, but found that the Russians were changing this so a large number left Russia on a journey to what they hope would be fertile lands.

Meanwhile, in America, the westward expansion was in full swing.  The railroad companies wanted to start communities along their lines to increase profits through the shipping of products and grain so many hired recruiters to find and help the skilled farmers from Europe come to America.  These immigrants knew what to bring to their new country--the legend is they filled their steamer trunks with the wheat they grew in Russia--Turkey Red.  Turkey Red became the primary wheat variety grown until the mid-1940s when it was replaced by higher-yielding hybrids.  During the time that turkey Red ruled in the U.S.A, from 1875 to 1945, the whole world had changed.

Like the wheat of those who came before us, our wheat has no synthetic chemicals or GMOs. It is planted, harvested, cleaned, milled, and packaged all on our farm. 

We would welcome you to try Turkey Red and see what wheat is really like.

Thank you,

The Weidner Family

Fairplains Grains


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Harvest Nature

Ryan & Karen Nichols
Oberlin, Kansas

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Heritage Acres

Heritage Acres

We are a southwest Nebraska family that loves hard work, each other, and farm life...preferable all at the same time.  Our families have been in farming & ranching for generations and we both grew up on working farms.  Over the past two decades, we have re-homesteaded our own small slice of heaven…improving the farm, the land, and ourselves in the process. We live on a vintage-style, working farm complete with cows, chickens, small orchard, & large garden.  

We raise grain-finished beef:  wonderful, buttery smooth steaks & well-marbled roasts.  Using intensive, rotational grazing and cover crops, we work with the cattle to regenerate this land we've been blessed with.  Our artisan beef is grain-finished in small batches producing a taste profile & marbling that is premium.

Along with these cattle, wheat & forage are grown on our cropland. We also pasture hens to produce a nutrient-dense egg.  

Chris & Paula Sandberg

Stratton, Nebraska

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Hoyt Farm

Hoyt Farm

The Hoyt Farm Story

A few years ago, we were thinking about retirement and looking for something we could do together.  Dennis' background is in agriculture and mine is nursing although I worked on a produce farm several years.  

While visiting our son, we ran across a farm that had several Aronia bushes growing.  We stopped to ask what they were and learned about the health benefits of the berry.  After we learned where they had gotten their plants, we went home to do some research.

The following spring we planted 100 plants.  Although unsure how they would fare without the moisture of eastern Nebraska and Iowa, we have been pleasantly surprised.  At harvest, the berries are cleaned and frozen the same day to preserve as many nutrients as possible.  Last year was our first crop and nearly filled our chest freezer.

Our goal is to produce a berry that can enhance the health of those who eat it.  We are not certified organic but have not used insecticide or herbicides.  Fertilizer has been used, most of which was organic.  

Aronia berries can be used in smoothies and to enrich baked goods.  Dehydrated, they can be used in place of raisins.  Aronia berries make good jelly and syrup and is often sold as juice for the nutritional value.  Aronia berries' flavor is tart and many people find it unpalatable by itself but mixing with other ingredients neutralizes the tartness and adds to the flavor of what it is mixed with.  To use the frozen berries, just thaw the amount you need and use them like fresh.

We hope you enjoy our berries.

Dennis and Jan Hoyt

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John O'Dea Beef

John O'Dea Beef

John and Michelle O'Dea, along with their two youngest sons-John G and Jake- operate a diversified cattle farm that includes breeding heifer development, cow calf, finishing, custom haying and club calf enterprises. Beef and replacement cattle are available year around.

John G works off the ranch and is transitioning into a welding and fabrication business and Jake and Michelle operate a catering business and food trailer that goes by the handle of "Fatty McGills ".

John and his sons represent the fifth and sixth generations of O'Deas raising and feeding cattle in Nebraska, dating back to the late 1860s in south central Nebraska and over 100 years here in Southwest Nebraska.  

The entire family is passionate about rural America and keeping our small communities viable. Check them out on Facebook at O'Dea Beef Customers group page or simply by friending John O'dea.

John O'Dea Beef Protocols:

  • Zero administered hormones or in feed antibiotics. Antibiotics are only used on an individual animal basis according to need. 
  • Cattle are on grass in family groups until 150 to 200 days of age. 
  • Calves are weaned, fed in a growing phase a minimum of 150 days then grain finished for 120 days in small groups to avoid stress and injury. 
  • Cattle are harvested every couple weeks so we can achieve optimal finish level for our customers. 
  • We utilize crop aftermath, ethanol co products, grain screenings and locally sourced corn for our finishing rations.
  • Pens are walked twice daily by the same people so any problems or injuries are dealt with early so we can keep the stock as happy and comfortable as possible.
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Jolly Sheep Ranch

Jolly Sheep Ranch

Gene Jolly was raised on a sheep ranch in Eastern Colorado and has found his home raising sheep north of Stratton, Nebraska.

When asked why he likes to raise them, he'll answer, "Going out on the prairie and watching them, their personalities and mannerism, it's good for my soul."

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Loop River Beef

Loop River Beef

Loup River Beef is a 5th generation start to finish family cattle operation.

"Our beef is born and backgrounded on our ranch in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills. From there they are finished on a high-quality corn-based ration that we produce at our farm in Northeast Nebraska. One of our greatest joys is having the privilege to have our family be apart of every aspect of these animals' lives. We look forward to doing business with you."

Sincerely, The Villwoks

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Private Pantry Produce

Sehnert's Bakery

Sehnert's Bakery


Sehnert’s Bakery dates back to 1521 in Erfurt Germany. Richard Sehnert brought the first Sehnert’s Bakery to the USA in the late 1800’s. During the 1900’s ten Sehnert families had bakeries in the United States. The last Sehnert’s Bakery is run by Matt & Shelly Sehnert – the 4th USA generation right here in McCook, Nebraska.

Matt’s parents, Walt and Jean Sehnert started serving McCook and the southwest Nebraska Community in 1957. A long-time pillar on the bricks of Norris Avenue, Sehnert’s Bakery is a gathering place for groups of friends, sweethearts, and business meetings. Sehnert’s has created a relaxing atmosphere to escape for a bit from the hectic pace of life. From morning coffee, espresso and homemade donuts and pastries to fun and unique sandwiches, soups and salads; join us at Sehnert’s to feed your body…and soul.


Shelly and I met in ballroom dance class at the University of Nebraska. After college, I attended the American Institute of Baking in Manhattan, Kansas. My father and grandfather graduated from the same school when it was located in Chicago. Three years were spent in the Denver, Colorado area where Shelly and I landed great jobs with full benefits and matching 401K programs. Why did we leave Colorado for rural Nebraska?  LIFESTYLE.  We made a conscious choice to live out our lives in a place that shared our core priorities for living.

Shelly and I have backpacked through Europe, traveled many places and experienced many beautiful cultures. Although we’ve enjoyed many places, we feel blessed to be able to earn a living, raise our family and create a fulfilling life right here on the Golden Plains. Thanks for that.  -Matt


At Sehnert’s, we believe that a strong community needs all of us to share our time, talents and treasure. That is why we invest by supporting our community in many ways including serving on boards and committees that we enjoy. Being mindful and intentional helps us create the community where we all want to live and the community that we hope to pass on to the next generations. We want to make McCook and southwest Nebraska an even better place to live, work and play.

We are proud of Sehnert’s Bakery & Bieroc Café. We appreciate our crew that works so hard while making it all fun. We are thankful for our patrons who allow us to live, earn a living and raise our families right here on the Golden Plains. Let’s keep it going!

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T's Sweets

T's Sweets

My name is Taylor Sayer, I am 20 years old and I am currently studying agronomy at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, Nebraska.

I grew up on a farm and ranch near Cambridge, Nebraska. I have lived and grown up on my family farm and love everything involving agriculture. I believe that it is a place where I grow and learn.

I come from a long line of cooking ancestry and have learned a lot along the way. Over my years in the kitchen, I have developed an intense passion for baking. Not only does the process of baking bring satisfaction, but it improves moods and ultimately, the end product naturally enhances happiness.

I create cupcakes, something that is tangible and can be enjoyed and shared with all. 

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Tasties from Tuesday's Kitchen

As I was growing up, I was surrounded by great cooks, both family & friends.  Through the years I developed a passion for baking.  This passion led to the creation of a sugar-free cookbook.

The cookbook (shown in the picture) included my own recipes along with those of my mom and grandma.  I made sure that those recipes worked with a sugar substitute, however, sad-to-say, this sugar-free product isn't available anymore.

My passion for baking also leads me to use the highest quality ingredients.   For example, I only buy Wauneta's Best Flour from the Wauneta Flour Mill.  I also use fresh berries and fruits whenever possible.

I look forward to bringing you some tasties from my kitchen.

Tuesday Forch

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The Prairie Garden

The Prairie Garden

The Prairie Garden is located on a bit of prairie in the southwest corner of Nebraska. We are pretty passionate about small scale farming and providing fresh, nutritious food for our community. Life is too short to eat flexible cucumbers and wilted salad greens. True health comes from eating the best kind of food. 

We grow responsibly and believe that pesticides and herbicides are damaging to the environment and human health. Even though the farm isn't certified organic, we grow using organic practices.  Weeds are controlled by cultivation, stale seed bedding, soil solarization, and hand weeding.  Each year we take soil samples and add naturally occurring fertilizers and amendments. Healthy soils grow healthy vegetables! 

Want to come see for yourself? We love to show our community how their food is grown, but prefer if you contact us first to make an appointment. We're a working farm and we gotta keep planting those seeds.

Ryan & Lonetta Zimmerman

Madrid, Nebraska

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Y Knot Farm & Ranch

We are a family-owned and operated Organic Wheat & Produce Farm and Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Belted Galloway Cattle Ranch located in Northwest Kansas. Our goal is to provide quality Organic food at reasonable prices with an intention to promote sustainable agricultural practices. 

Our registered cattle are grass-fed / grass-finished, raised without growth hormones. This beef is lean and high in protein. Vacuum Packed to hold flavor, with packages typically including 2 steaks or 1 roast of about 2-3 pounds.

We also raise Organic Wheat, Organic Forage, and Organic Produce.

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