Ready to Go Whole Beef - John O'Dea Beef

Ready to Go Whole Beef - John O'Dea Beef


One Whole bulk beef from John O'Dea. Great beef...I just don't have the freezer space to store until Tuesday.

My mistake is your {huge} gain. . It is priced close to wholesale since it needs to get picked-up TODAY or Tomorrow.  

$2,565.56 which INCLUDES the processing of $851.86. {714# hanging weight} Free delivery today in McCook, any town from McCook to Stratton, or you can pick it up at Willow Creek Meats (but you'll need to order it here online). Payment will be by cash or check only.

I do not have the option of splitting this up as we are leaving for a wedding. So if you are interested and can't use a whole beef, find a friend or family to go halfsies or quarters with you and then have a "meat up" to divide it.

Really, this is a great price. So grab it before its gone and then give me a call at 308.340.9872 and we'll get your freezer FULL today!

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