Lamb Loin Chops (T-bone)

Lamb Loin Chops (T-bone)

Per lb

If you were eating beef, this cut would be referred to as the T-bone. This cut is prized for its tenderness and tends to be cut thicker than a lamb chop (in beef, called the ribeye cut).

2 per package. Usually between .50-.90 lbs total weight.

The nutritional value of lamb is impressive; it contains a range of beneficial nutrients including protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Lamb is an excellent source of B vitamins – particularly vitamin B12 and is incredibly rich in minerals, especially iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc.

**Fresh lamb will be available starting March 6th until sold out. Another delivery is scheduled for April 2nd. These are our only scheduled deliveries this year.

{Please excuse the lack of pictures. Lamb is a work in progress.}

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