Guinea eggs

Guinea eggs


FOR A LIMITED TIME we will have guinea eggs available.  Guinea eggs are not available year-round, so don’t expect to have these nutritious nuggets mid-winter. These birds lay eggs only a few times a year. 

Guinea Fowl eggs are typically smaller than the average chicken egg & more pointy, however, they taste like chicken eggs.  Their shells are speckled brown and harder to crack than a normal chicken sure to give it a good whack when you crack them.

Creamy & richer than chicken eggs, Guinea eggs have a higher yolk to egg white ratio. Yolks are the densest part of an egg, so the cooked product will undoubtedly be heftier than if there were less yolk.

We have a very limited amount of these eggs.  

Sold by Beaver Valley Poultry.  They have their egg number in both Nebraska & Kansas.  


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