Ground Beef Patties 5.33 oz - Loop River

Per pkg of 3

Want to make a great meal but limited on time, our pre-made patties would be a great option without sacrificing quality! There are 3 patties per package with each being 5.33 oz (1/3pound) in vacuum-sealed packaging. 

* All roasts are approximately 2 pounds.  Vacuum sealed packaging.

"Our beef is born and backgrounded on our ranch in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills. From there they are finished on a high-quality corn-based ration that we produce at our farm in Northeast Nebraska. One of our greatest joys is having the privilege to have our family be apart of every aspect of these animals' lives. We look forward to doing business with you."

Sincerely, The Villwoks { shown below rounding up cattle in the Sandhills-- plus one Sandberg girl & a few helpers}


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