Gretel's Granola - Soft

Gretel's Granola - Soft

12 oz Bag

Eating gluten-free can be hard but Sehnert's has made life easier with this unique soft granola.

Gretel's Granola is a handed-down family recipe that has been perfected over the years to create two different variations: traditional crispy granola and unique, soft granola. Both are made using special gluten-free oats and are a wonderful addition to your family's table.

Granola is good on yogurt & fruit, with milk as a breakfast cereal, and sprinkled on a honey-covered banana. Or just grab a handful out of the bag for a quick snack.

Gretel’s Granola is Gluten Free* and made from scratch at Sehnert's Bakery.

*This granola was made in a facility that uses wheat in other products.



Oats, honey, walnuts, light salad oil, Golden raisins, coconut, oatmeal flour, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, brown sugar, oat bran, almonds, cinnamon.

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