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Common Questions

When will my order be delivered?

We deliver Drive-thru Market orders on a weekly basis and you will be given a delivery date prior to confirming your order.  Bulk meat orders are delivered or shipped 4 times a year.

Who will deliver my order?

Orders within our regular service area are delivered by us.

When will my card be charged?

Because some items are charged by the pound we will not know your exact total until the order is packed. To be extra careful, we do not charge your card until after you have received your order.

Can I recycle my packaging?

Most of the packaging used is biodegradable or recyclable.  Glass jars can be returned to us for reuse.

Heritage Acres products are packaged in boxes & grocery bags that are 100% biodegradable. Our egg cartons are 100% reclaimed paper and are recyclable & compostable. Most of the artisan producers also use biodegradable & recyclable packaging.

If you are not able to recycle your packaging yourself, Nebraska area customers are able to return 100% of your clean packaging to us for recycling. Carefully rinse out and compact your packaging from at least two or more deliveries and pack into one Heritage Acres box or bag. Simply return the box upon your next delivery. 

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Ordering Policies

Order totals are estimated

Since some items are priced by the pound, your final total maybe a little more or less than your order's initial estimated total. Once finalized, your total will be charged to your credit card on file and your receipt will be emailed.

A form of payment is required before delivery

We accept all major credit/debit cards as our sole payment method. At the time of placing your first order, you will be prompted to add a credit card to your account. Once finalized, your order's total will be charged to your card on file and your receipt will be emailed.

Short stock items

Please understand that Heritage Acres is a family of small farms & artisans, not a large warehouse. If an item becomes unavailable your final total, as well as any applicable delivery fees, will be reduced.

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