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March 20, 2021

Over the years, we have striven to produce the highest quality product while keeping our price attainable to families

We appreciate all orders from $10 egg baskets to $3000 whole beef. As the market organically came about, we looked at what others were doing across the nation but chose not to have a minimum order like all other drive-thrus, hoping that with more variety & choices the average cart total would increase to at least cover the cost of credit card processing and our web platform fees.  

Our #1 goal for the market is to weave together southwest Nebraska through local food. For everyone.

However, our web platform has increased their prices two-fold and since our focus has gone from large quarterly beef sales to smaller weekly grocery sales, the number of small orders has increased dramatically while we still pay the same cost-per-order fees.  

Truth is, the market just can't be sustainable having to absorb a loss on small orders. Our family makes our living on our own products and we try to run the market in a way that is financially self-sustaining. We view the Drive-thru Market as a service we can offer to our community and we don't want to increase prices for our customer families or the fee to our small producer families.

So we're asking that if you only need a few items, would you please order every two weeks or so instead of weekly? We have implemented a $25 minimum order to encourage this.  

Although I will miss seeing some of you every week, I know that it's for the good of this local food movement.   Without the market, our area loses its convenient link to local. And I think we can agree that we can't let that happen.

With Gratitude,


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