Hoyt Farm
Address: 70812 Road 376 Culbertston, NE, 69024
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Phone: 308-278-2607
About Us
Dennis and I are a retired couple. My background is nursing and his background is agriculture. We were looking for something to keep us busy during retirement and drove by a farmhouse with several bushes out front. We stopped and asked the owners what they were and found they were aronia bushes. I was interested in the many health benefits they can provide. Dennis was wondering if they would grow in our area. We decided to try them and found they grow very well here. They are do not attract bugs so insecticides are not needed. We mow to keep the weeds down and try to use organic fertilizer. The only problem we have is that the berries are very tart. I don't mind the tartness but Dennis says that the bugs don't even like them. Because of that, I set about finding ways people can incorporate them in their diet and enjoy them. You can combine them with other fruits in smoothies or incorporate them into baked goods, use the juice on ice cream or pudding, and make jellies, breads, cookies and cakes with them. I love to bake and have been experimenting with ways to reduce the sugar and bake gluten free. Jan Hoyt