John O'Dea Beef
Contact: John O'dea
Address: 39528 US Hwy 6 Indianola, NE, 69034
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Phone: 308-340-1140
About Us
John and Michelle O'Dea, along with their two youngest sons-John G and Jake- operate a diversified cattle farm that includes breeding heifer development, cow calf, finishing, custom haying and club calf enterprises. Beef and replacement cattle are available year around.

John G works off the ranch and is transitioning into a welding and fabrication business and Jake and Michelle operate a catering business and food trailer that goes by the handle of "Fatty McGills ".

John and his sons represent the fifth and sixth generations of O'Deas raising and feeding cattle in Nebraska, dating back to the late 1860s in south central Nebraska and over 100 years here in Southwest Nebraska.

The entire family is passionate about rural America and keeping our small communities viable. Check them out on Facebook at O'Dea Beef Customers group page or simply by friending John O'dea.

John O'Dea Beef Protocols:

Zero administered hormones or in feed antibiotics. Antibiotics are only used on an individual animal basis according to need.
Cattle are on grass in family groups until 150 to 200 days of age.
Calves are weaned, fed in a growing phase a minimum of 150 days then grain finished for 120 days in small groups to avoid stress and injury.
Cattle are harvested every couple weeks so we can achieve optimal finish level for our customers.
We utilize crop aftermath, ethanol co products, grain screenings and locally sourced corn for our finishing rations.
Pens are walked twice daily by the same people so any problems or injuries are dealt with early so we can keep the stock as happy and comfortable as possible.