Sehnert's Bakery
Contact: Andrew & Alix Ambriz
Address: 312 Norris Ave. McCook, NE, 69001
Email Address:
Phone: 308-345-6500
About Us
Sehnert’s Bakery dates back to 1521 in Erfurt Germany. Richard Sehnert brought the first Sehnert’s Bakery to the USA in the late 1800’s. During the 1900’s ten Sehnert families had bakeries in the United States. The last Sehnert’s Bakery is run by Matt & Shelly Sehnert – the 4th USA generation right here in McCook, Nebraska.
Walt and Jean Sehnert started serving McCook and the southwest Nebraska Community in 1957. A long-time pillar on the bricks of Norris Avenue, Sehnert’s Bakery is a gathering place for groups of friends, sweethearts, and business meetings. Sehnert’s has created a relaxing atmosphere to escape for a bit from the hectic pace of life. From morning coffee, espresso and homemade donuts and pastries to fun and unique sandwiches, soups and salads; join us at Sehnert’s to feed your body…and soul.
In 2021, Andrew and Alix Ambriz purchased the business. You might see some outside changes but the wholesome recipes passed through the Sehnert family is still what is used in the day to day operations.