Grandma Jones' Bakery
Contact: Jolene Jones
Address: 706 East 3rd ST 903 Bailey St Stratton NE McCook, NE, 69001
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Phone: 970-290-0709
About Us

Grandma Jones Bakery, McCook Nebraska, - where everything is made from scratch. We do not use any premixes or frozen doughs. We do not freeze products. Carrots are hand grated for the carrot cake. What's our secret ingredient? Love

Grandma Jones Bakery strives to represent good old fashioned baking producing soul food baked items. The founding of our business is in representation of pioneer days with the covered wagon being our logo; small business in America. Our colors red, white, and blue are in representation of honoring those who serve and those who have served. Baking started in Jolene's childhood and continued through her teenage years and adulthood with many years of experience exploring, tweaking, and developing some of her own recipes. It has been a generational family tradition developing and tweaking recipes which has been passed on to the next generation. Jolene has over 45 years experience baking.

Grandma Jones' Bakery is now licensed as a restaurant and as a food processor located in Stratton NE. Everything is prepared out of the leased kitchen at the Grandview in Stratton; prior Cottage Food Producer. Jolene has experience in food safe practices through training, food safe certification, and hands on experience in commercial bakeries and kitchens.

We use tree nuts in our kitchen and/also products may contain allergens such as, but not limited to milk, egg, fish, crustacean, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanut, soybean, and any food ingredient that contains protein derived from one of these food sources.

Baked from scratch. No added preservatives. Best if stored in a dry cool place.