Petite Quarter Beef


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Need more than a box to keep your freezer full until the next delivery but aren't sure if you need an entire quarter?  Then this Petite Quarter is for you!   It is a collection of 3 of our Beef Boxes--that is 90+ pounds of farm-direct, premium beef at a lower price point. 

Since dry-aged Nebraska beef is the industry's Golden Child, your freezer is going to be the envy of the neighborhood.  And all those other labels?--the "raised using restorative practices", "never given hormones or fed antibiotics, "born, raised, & finished on our farm"--they're just icing on the cake.  

In this Petite Quarter you will receive at least:

4-6 Ribeye Steaks

5-6 T-bone Steaks

6-10 pkgs Tenderloin, Sirloin steak, top Sirloin steak, Sirloin filet, Chuck steak (great for fajitas!), and/or Tri-tip Steak

6-8 Roasts (Chuck, Arm, Pikes Peak, Tri-tip, Rump, English, Brisket)

35 pkgs ground beef (1# pkgs)

If necessary, we will round out your boxes with other cuts and/or ground beef/steaks/roasts.  Don't worry...we keep track of all the cuts in each beef and distribute them as evenly as possible to that beef's boxes.  No one box has all the steaks or overly heavy on ground beef!

No organ meats or soup bones are included.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in buying those items in addition to your box.

 We divide up a whole beef so all the meat is Single Source.  One box-one beef.  Traceability in its simplest form. 


Free local delivery to Denver Metro, Southwest Nebraska, & Central Nebraska sites & dates.  Petite Quarters also can ship FedEx for a flat rate of $90.  Click here for Delivery & Shipping information including upcoming delivery dates & sites. 


Plan ahead to make sure you never run out of Heritage Acres beef.  We offer four deliveries per year and the next deliveries are: Winter Delivery in December 2019, Spring Delivery in March 2020, & Summer Delivery in June 2020.