Our Heritage

If  you want a taste of authentic, premium dry-aged Nebraska beef—the kind your Mom or Grandma kept in their basement freezer—we’d love to have you join our farm family. 

We are a southwest Nebraska family that loves hard work, each other, and farm life...preferable all at the same time.  Our families have been in farming & ranching for generations and we both grew up on working farms.  Over the past two decades we have re-homesteaded our own small slice of heaven…improving the farm, the land, and ourselves in the process. 

We live on a vintage-style, working farm complete with cows, chickens, small orchard, large garden, and sometimes even pigs & a milk cow.  We raise grain-finished beef:  wonderful, buttery smooth steaks & well-marbled roasts.  Along with these cattle, wheat & forage are grown on our cropland.  

Here at Heritage Acres, our lives, our family, & our farm are molded by what we believe:



We believe in quality over quantity.  

That's why Heritage Acres beef is:

  •  Raised on pasture using intensive rotational grazing.  Yep, we move them to a new paddock EVERY DAY during much of the year. In winter, they graze cover crops or hay we put up ourselves.

  •  Born, raised, & finished on our farm in southwest Nebraska.  We don't buy other people's calves, feeders, or even their finished beef.   This gives you the utmost assurance that your meat was raised well.  

  •  We don’t give our cattle hormones or feed them antibiotics to make them grow.  We give them the time they need to naturally beef up.  

  •  We're not out to be the biggest ranch but we do want to be the BEST.  

  •  This farm is part of our heritage that we'll leave for our children.  We want its land to be better than we found it.  That's why we are very intentional with the ranching methods we use.



We believe that doing something right takes time. 

That's why Heritage Acres beef is:

  •  DRY AGED two weeks.  This process takes extra time & results in less final product but is worth it in tenderness & flavor.  You'll pay top dollar for dry-aged beef in the store...if you can even find it!

  • Our beef is started later & finished longer than industry beef.   This beef sizzles great on the grill and the taste will knock your socks off!  And the single source hamburger?  You'll literally smell the difference as it is cooking.

  •  We finish out in small batches.  No feedlot beef here.  Each animal receives the highest care. 



We believe consumers should have the opportunity to purchase the highest quality beef—the stuff that is usually reserved for Steakhouses or shipped overseas—at a fair price from a person they can trust. 

That's why:  

  • We don’t inflate our prices so we can have a “Buy one, get one free” sale like other businesses.  Even though its premium, our beef is priced competitively. 

  • We don’t try to get you hooked with a subscription service.  You know when you need beef and we’re confident that after you try Heritage Acres, you’ll be a lifetime customer.

  • We don’t inflate prices so we can offer “Free Shipping”.  Shipping costs are high for a heavy, perishable product like beef and there is no such thing as ‘free’…every customer is paying extra for that “Free Shipping.”  

    • Instead, we offer FREE pick-up locations 4 times a year.  Heck, if you order a Custom Half or Whole, we’ll even deliver it right to your door—for FREE—anywhere in the Denver Metro or Southwest/Central Nebraska!   

    • We prefer to deliver instead of ship because at pick-up we want to look you in the eye and shake your hand.  This product is the result of years of hard work and we are grateful that you chose our farm to raise your beef.  We want to thank you personally.  



We appreciate your trust in raising your family's food.  Welcome to our farm.  Your family's farm.  


With gratitude,

Chris & Paula Sandberg

        & family