Custom Half Beef--Deposit only. September delivery.


* Delivery starts September 12th, 2019. *

Tired of the sub-standard, highly medicated, so-lean-its-bland supermarket beef?  We don't blame you!  Our dry aged beef is treated well, finished right, & sizzles great on the grill.  

This option is for those people who are serious about their beef (you know who you are).  You know what you want, how lit should be cut, how it should be packaged...and want a whole freezer full of it just to show off to your friends after you've already wowed them with that Heritage Acres ribeye off your grill.  

Your beef will be custom processed.   Think of it as tailor-made beef.  You get to choose all your cuts:  options include hamburger patties, boneless steaks, thickness of steaks, size of roasts, & stew meat.  After your purchase, we will walk you through the cutting list to help you get exactly what you want.  We aim for you to be over-the-top happy. 

This deposit pays to reserve a half.  Final price (determined by actual hanging weight minus deposit) will be due at time of delivery.   Price is $3.75/lb hanging weight.   This includes processing, packaging, & delivery.  No separate butcher fees.

Front door delivery is FREE to the Denver Metro area.  Delivery is free to any of our pick-up locations.  Otherwise, you may pick up your beef at Willow Creek Meats in McCook, NE on June 13th.

Deposits are non-refundable.   

Don't miss out.  Custom orders can only be made through Thursday, September 5th, 2019


Free Delivery

We offer free delivery to pick-up locations in southwest & central Nebraska and the Denver, CO area.  Custom orders will get FREE front door delivery in the Denver Metro and may also be picked up at Willow Creek Meats on June 13th. 

Just pick the most convenient location during check-out and we've got a date.  Look for the tan Excursion.  We can't wait to meet you!



We do not offer shipping on quarters or halves.   


Click here for more Delivery & Shipping information including upcoming delivery dates.


Plan ahead to make sure you never run out of Heritage Acres beef.  The next deliveries are:  Fall Delivery in September & Winter Delivery in December.