'Big Boy' Quarter Beef--Sold Out


Sold out

* Delivery starts June 13th, 2019. *

We admit it...we raise our beef big.  That's because they're started later & finished longer than the industry.  So this Big Boy Quarter is closer to how big our quarters really are--120 pounds of mouth-watering Nebraska beef.   And as with all of our boxes, you aren't paying a premium for soup bones or organ meats.  

Remember, this is dry-aged Nebraska beef.  You aren't getting this stuff in the store!

In this Big Boy Quarter you will receive at least:

4-6 Ribeye Steaks

7-8 T-bone Steaks

8-12 pkgs Tenderloin, Sirloin steak, top Sirloin steak, Sirloin filet, Chuck steak (great for fajitas!), and/or Tri-tip Steak

10-12 Roasts (Chuck, Arm, Pikes Peak, Tri-tip, Rump, English, Brisket)

48 pkgs ground beef

If necessary, we will round out your boxes with other cuts and/or ground beef/steaks/roasts.  Don't worry...we keep track of all the cuts in each beef and distribute them as evenly as possible to that beef's boxes.  No one box has all the steaks or overly heavy on hamburger!  


A whole beef divided up so all the meat is Single Source.  One box-one animal.  Traceability in its simplest form. None of that mystery meat hamburger here.  



We offer free delivery to pick-up locations in southwest Nebraska and the Denver, CO area.  Custom half orders may also be picked up at Willow Creek Meats. 

Just pick the most convenient location during check-out and we've got a date.  Look for the tan Excursion.  We look forward to shaking your hand.



We do not offer shipping on quarters or halves.   


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Plan ahead to make sure you never run out of Heritage Acres beef.  The next deliveries are:  Fall Delivery in September & Winter Delivery in December.