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We love beef, don't you?!  From a juicy hamburger to a well-marbled, steak, beef is a staple in our family.  We started feeding out our own beef 16 years ago and have found the sweet-spot for finishing beef how we like it: grain-finished, aged long, without giving them hormones or feeding them antibiotics.

Our cattle are raised & finished here on our family land using restorative grazing techniques.  By using intensive, rotational grazing we optimize & improve our pasture.  Moving cows & calves throughout spring, summer, and fall is an enjoyable routine of farm life.  We spend lots of time with our herd moving fences, which allows us to give extra attention to how they are doing.  

This beef is truly artisan as we hand-finish these animals in small groups.  Literally hand-fed...with buckets of grain & pitchforks of hay. They also get a back scratch from Chris as he checks on their progress.  Raising superior beef is his joy in life.

Our beef is harvested at a small, local processor. Meat is dry aged for 14 days before it is packaged and frozen.  This longer hang time results in less final product but a more flavorful, tender steak.  Each package is hand wrapped or vacuum sealed.  All meat is USDA inspected & labeled for retail sale.

Our Heritage Acres Beef Box is 30 lbs of superior Nebraska beef.  We divide each individual beef into  boxes--one animal at a time--which gives each box an even assortment of cuts.  And all your meat is single-sourced:  all of your hamburger, steaks, roasts, etc. in that box came from a single animal.  You can be sure it's 100% USA grown, raised, & processed.

Want to fill your freezer with a 1/4 or 1/2 beef?  We offer several choices to help you do just that.





***Sold out***

We are sorry for the disappointment you must be feeling.  Let's pause a moment to mourn the loss of bacon.  

We've been working hard to find a local producer of pork.  Check back soon...we'll have some local pork for our Fall delivery in September 2019!*****

Who doesn't love bacon?  And there isn't anything like small batch bacon from a small town processor!  Before these pork beauties are taken to the processor, they have spent their lives in happy pigginess--out in the open, digging, & rooting.  They are not fed any antibiotics and have been so healthy they have never needed any.  

Our Heritage Acres Pork Box is fresh, Nebraska pork:  cuts can include chops, steaks, cured bacon, cured ham, roasts, sausage, spare ribs, & pork cutlets.  Don't worry--you won't receive only sausage...but the sausage you will receive is single source.  

*We don't label our pork "No Hormones".  This is because NO pigs are EVER given hormones in the USA.  Same for poultry, btw. It would be like labeling a loaf of bread with "No Hormones"... as if there are loaves of bread "With Hormones"?